Hawaii is famous for being an amazing vacation spot, and you’ve been dreaming about the beach vacation rentals there for years. Well, here are just some of the many irresistible reasons to finally book your own Hawaiian dream vacation.

The History

More than a thousand years before Columbus arrived in the New World, Polynesian settlers arrived in Hawaii from the Marquesas Islands. In 1778, Captain James Cook “discovered” the Hawaiian islands. Then, in 1795, King Kamehameha I united all of the islands together. The 1820’s brought the arrival of missionaries from New England. Less than 100 years after the islands were unified, the Hawaiian monarchy was overthrown. In 1959, Hawaii became in 50th U.S. state. to find out more, you can reserve beach vacation rentals on the island and explore for yourself.

The Volcanoes

Each of the Hawaiian Islands was formed by a single hot spot on the ocean floor. The islands stretched over 1,500 miles from Jure Atol in the northwest to Lo’ihi Seamount off the southeast coast of Hawaii. As the islands move off the hot sport over time, each have remainders of their volcanic past. Whether you want to stay in Kohala homes, Waikoloa beach villas, or Big Island vacation rentals, you’ll be able to discover these volcanoes on your dream vacation to Hawaii.

The Weather

One of the most enticing reasons people go to Hawaii is because of the beautiful weather. While the islands have a dry season in the summer and a wet season in the winter, the temperature remains relatively steady throughout the year. While the rain showers keep the islands lush and green, every island has an area where the sun shines almost every day. When the trade winds are blowing, the cool breeze creates the perfect weather for a Hawaiian dream vacation.

The People

Finally, the people of Hawaii will help make your stay in our beach vacation rentals even more enjoyable. Part of the reason that Hawaiians love visitors is because the major “industry” in Hawaii is tourism, and almost every family has someone who works in the tourist industry. People in Hawaii also promote the “aloha spirit” which is actually a part of the law in Hawaii. All citizens and the government officials are obligated by law to conduct themselves in accordance with this law. Most people practice the friendliness as a part of their nature anyway though.

More than 8.2 million people visited the Hawaiian Islands in 2014 alone, and it’s easy to see why. If you’re ready for the Hawaiian vacation of your dreams give us a call today.

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