Waikoloa Village Home Sales Update for November 2017

Aloha Everyone,

As a Realtor in Waikoloa, HI on the Big Island since 2001, I am very aware of how the market is performing in the area.  From my background in Semiconductor Engineering, I believe data shows what is going on so I put these graphs together to give people an idea of what is happening in the market.  I have done this for many condo complexes or home subdivisions in order to visually understand the real estate market in local pockets.

Waikoloa Village itself, being a small community on the west slope of Mauna Kea is fairly isolated from Kailua-Kona or Waimea, shows the market trends very easily with it’s data sets.

Below, is the historical trend for homes in Waikoloa Village:

Waikoloa Residential Analysis to 10-18-17By the graph, we are almost back to our pre-recession highs.

Here is a closeup of the above graph:

Waikoloa Residential Analysis Current to 10-18-17

This graph sows that our home sales market has been at a fairly steady rate over the pas several years with an average of around 20 homes per quarter being sold.Waikoloa Quarterly Hist Residential Analysis to 10-18-17Waikoloa Monthly Hist Residential Analysis to 10-18-17Waikoloa Residential Analysis DOM vs Price 10-18-17

Waikoloa Residential Analysis DOM to 10-18-17

This graph depicts how close seller is getting to their asking price

Waikoloa Residential Analysis Diff to 10-18-17

I hope this information is useful to anyone who is thinking of buying or selling in West Hawaii as this trend is indicative of other areas on the west side of the Big Island.

If you would like further information or to see these charts ion a larger file, please let me know.


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