Vacation Rentals vs. Hotels: Which Is Better for a Vacation to Hawaii?

waikoloa homesIt’s no secret that Hawaii is one of the most popular vacation destinations for people of all walks of life. With a beautifully rich culture, gorgeous beaches, and all manner of wildlife, it’s hard to resist wanting to take a trip. And you wouldn’t be alone if you caved! In fact, 2015 alone saw a record total of 8,679,564 visitors to the Hawaiian Islands, according to data from the Hawaii Tourism Authority’s Annual Visitor Research Report.

So if you’re ready to pack your bags and hop on a plane, there’s one thing left to decide: where will you stay? The answer is vacation rentals. Here are just a few reasons why these gorgeous pieces of Hawaii real estate are a better bet for vacations than hotels.

  • Cost-Effective
    Unlike hotels, amenities like a pool, fitness room, and office space don’t cost a single penny extra in a vacation rental. In addition, you’ll have immediate access to basic commodities like a kitchen, washing and drying machines, and often a whole house to yourself. Whether you choose to stay in Kohala vacation rentals or in Waikoloa homes for vacation, you’ll definitely find your decision a more cost-effective choice than any hotel you might find.
  • Kids and Pets Welcome
    The vast majority of hotels have a strict no pets policy, but when you’re staying in a home, the whole family can enjoy the stay. And that includes your four-legged friends! Approximately 37% of families report that vacation makes them happy, but there’s nothing happy about being cramped into a single hotel room. With Waikoloa village rentals, your family can have the freedom and space they need to enjoy themselves.

  • Peace and Privacy
    There are few things worse than staying in a hotel and not being able to hear anything but the annoying sounds of your neighbors. Fortunately, you don’t have to put yourself or the rest of your family through that ever again. When you choose to stay in Waikoloa homes or vacation rentals, you’re guaranteed the privacy of an entire vacation rental. Not only that, but some rentals may even offer access to private areas of a beach for you to enjoy.

There’s nothing wrong with a bit of adventure, but your adventures should be enjoyable, not a constant struggle. Make the most out of your next vacation and see what it’s like to experience a new place in comfort and style.

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