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Hawaii Symbols and Monuments

The Aloha State

The Life of the Land is Perpetuated with Righteousness

Hawaii State SealThe State Seal

The seal was originally designed by Viggo Jacobsen for the then Republic of Hawaii in 1895. It is a modified version of the royal coat of arms of the Hawaiian kingdom. Where the royal seal had two warriors, the state seal has King Kamehameha the Great on the side and the Goddess of Liberty on the other holding the Hawaiian flag.

flagThe State Flag

Hawaii’s state flag resembles the Union Jack of Great Britain because many of King Kamehameha’s advisors were British and the islands were once placed under England’s protection. The flag consists of eight horizontal stripes, representing the eight major islands, and the British Union Jack. It has served as the flag of the kingdom, republic,territory, and the state of Hawaii.

Hawaii State BirdThe State Bird

The nene, or Hawaiian Goose, is the state bird of Hawaii. Once nearly extinct, it has been rescued through the valiant efforts of conservationists here in the islands and throughout the world.

Hawaii State FlowerThe State Flower

The striking and beautiful yellow hibiscus, known as the pua aloalo in the Hawaiian language, is the state flower. It is believed that there were originally only five species of hibiscus native to Hawaii. Later other varieties were imported and growers began to develop hybrids to produce the kaleidoscope of colors and sizes found today.

Hawaii State TreeThe State Tree

The kukui is the state tree of Hawaii. Also known as the candlenut, the kukui was a most useful tree to the early Hawaiians who used it for oil, light, and other purposes.

Hawaii State FishThe State Fish

The tiny colorful fish with the long name – humuhumunukunuku apua’a – was designated as the state fish in 1985. The Rectangular Triggerfish is indigenous to Hawaii. It was selected after a high-profile campaign to educate the public about the kinds of fish that inhabit Hawaiian waters.

Hawaii State GemThe State Gem

The black coral which grows in Hawaii’s offshore waters has been established as the official state gem. Since its discovery by early Hawaiian divers, harvesting of the spectacular corals has led to the establishment of a thriving black coral jewelry industry and enhanced visitor and resident appreciation of Hawaii’s ocean resources.


The State Marine Mammal

Each winter, Hawaii welcomes and shelters entire herds of humpback whales as they migrate from northern waters to their traditional calving grounds off the island of Maui. This spectacular animal has been designated the official state marine mammal. Hawaii offers a safe haven for the humpback, and the opportunity for the scientific community to study whales in a protected environment.

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