Projects In Paradise: How To Increase The Resale Value Of Your Hawaiian Home

waikoloa village vacation homeWhen it comes time to sell your Hawaii property, you want to get as much value out of it as possible. Whether selling your Waikoloa Village vacation home or long-term Kohala real estate, remember that Big Island land for sale is in demand. The rate of homeownership in Hawaii reached 55% in 2011, and the island remains an attractive place to live and rent.

By making some key renovations to your property, you can maximize your sale and offer a better home to potential buyers. To get you started, consider these home improvements to increase your home’s resale value.

Add solar energy
Hawaii is sunny much of the year, so consider using this energy in your home. Renewable energy is appealing to today’s homebuyers, and it makes the island a cleaner place to live overall. While these features are an initial investment, the energy savings pay off. 

Switch to hardwood floors
Quality hardwood flooring makes a space look more stylish and breathable, so consider ditching carpet in your home completely. Not only will homeowners be happy to see these shiny surfaces, but the new floors can also act as a justification to raise the home price.

Update the windows
New windows can boost value even more than new floors. These features are key to the structural integrity of the home. High-quality windows can lower energy costs, increase security, reduce noise pollution, and keep the residents more comfortable overall.

Modernize the kitchen and bathroom
When your bathroom and kitchen are outdated, buyers will see them as a liability rather than an investment. Take the initiative to update them yourself to make the cost worth it and help your home stand out from others on the market.

Boost curb appeal
Your Waikoloa Village vacation home may look stunning on the inside, but have you been paying attention to the outside? Update the roof, siding, gardens, driveway, and other features to make the home match its true worth.

By making these improvements to your home, you can increase value and sale prospects. Remember that a home is an investment when you intend to sell, and you could use this investment to offer another owner an equally rewarding experience.

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