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Homes Near Hamakua Coast

Hamakua Coast Community

Hamakua CoastThe Hamakua Coast on the Big Island’s windward side, just north of Hilo, is a lush agricultural area where fertile lands stretch from Mauna Kea’s upcountry slopes toward the vast and beautiful Pacific Ocean. Spectacular waterfalls, mysterious jungles, emerald fields, and stunning ocean vistas are also a trademark of the area.

The Hamakua Coast was once a heavy sugar cane-producing region, and plays a heavy part in ancient Hawaiian mythology. Numerous small villages, many with roots in the sugar plantations of the last century, dot the coastline. People who make the Hamakua Coast their home value connection to family, land and community.

Renowned for its ongoing agricultural renaissance, this part of the Big Island is home to both small family farms and a number of private and commercial agricultural endeavors. Known for its commitment to the concept of sustainability, the community continually seeks to balance growth and progress with an appropriate respect for the heritage of the land.

Hawaiian WaterfallResidents of Hamakua treasure the pristine conditions of the area, the gorgeous panoramic views, and untouched landscapes that are protected from major development. Undiscovered coves and sheltered bays provide escape and shelter from the real world. Hamakua’s residents enjoy the down to earth vibe and spirit that resonates throughout the region.


Hamakua Coast, Hawaii Island Highlights:

Akaka Falls State Park

Kalopa Park

Historic Honokaa Town

Honokaa People’s Theater

Waipio Valley Lookout

Hamakua Heritage Corridor

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