4 Reasons Why Long Term Rentals Are Better Than Hotels On Your Hawaii Vacation

When you’re thinking about Hawaiian dream vacations, are you picturing hotels or Hawaiin vacation rentals? If you’re debating with yourself or your family on which to choose, here are some reasons you should pick Hawaii long term rentals instead of hotels.

You will have more privacy

When you stay in beach vacation rentals instead of hotels, you have a lot more privacy. You’re staying in your own home and not a single room in a larger hotel. You don’t have to worry about daily cleaning staff or strangers in a long term rental. You can walk around in your own space, and you don’t have to share the pool with anyone, either.

You can stay longer

According to a trip advisor survey from 2016, 43% of travelers plan to stay a week or longer in a vacation rental, and 24% plan to stay between one and two weeks. Compared to hotels, 40% of travels stay only one night, 23% stay two nights, and 37% stay three nights or more. Some long term vacation rentals even allow you to stay for months. There are many hotels out there like that.

You have more space

Vacation rentals are undeniably bigger than hotel rooms. The average vacation rental is 2,000 square feet, while the average hotel room is 400 square feet. Vacation rentals typically have full-size furniture and appliances just like a regular home.

You have greater flexibility

Vacation rentals often offer a wider range of options and amenities than hotels do. You can get free wifi, a washing machine, a yard and patio, and even a full kitchen with a vacation rental. Some vacation rentals even let you bring your pets, whereas most hotels do not.

When you visit Hawaii for vacation, you should consider Hawaii long term rentals instead of hotels. You’ll have more privacy and space, you have more flexibility, and you can stay longer. What’s even better is that you can save money. The average cost per-night for vacation or home rentals in 2015 was about $170, while it was $244 for hotels. Check out our inventory of Hawaii long term rentals and start planning your dream vacation.

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