4 Fun Things to Do In Hawaii If You Have Kids

hawaiian vacation rentalsMany people think that Hawaii is a place for honeymoons, destination weddings, and adults-only vacations. While the islands are great for those things, they’re awesome for kids too! Here are some super fun, kid-friendly things you can do on your family vacation to Hawaii.

Snorkeling for beginners

When you leave your Hawaiian vacation rentals to venture out on the island, you and your kids should try snorkeling. You can easily find classes for children, and it doesn’t require any prior experience or certifications. All you have to do is put on the gear and you’re ready to go. Your kids will love to explore all the amazing fish and sea life they can find.

Animal encounters

Another thing you can do on one of your many Hawaiian dream vacations with your kids is interacting with animals. Whether you’re staying at Kohala vacation rentals or big island vacation rentals, Hawaii is filled with unique opportunities to encounter amazing animal life. You can swim with the dolphins, touch stingrays, or watch for whales on many different tours.

Honolulu zoo

Speaking of amazing animals, you can see loads of them at the Honolulu Zoo. This beautiful zoo offers more than 42 acres of land to explore and is home to more than 905 different animals from the tropics, a variety of African villages, and the nearby country. The zoo has trails that are easy to navigate and plenty of room to take pictures of the animals. You can walk there from Waikiki, or you can take a taxi or a trolly.

See the volcanoes

While the terms “volcano” and “family friendly” might not seem like a natural pairing, there’s nothing dangerous about exploring the Volcano National Park on the Big Island. This national treasure spans an incredible 520 square miles of unique geography, which was shaped by Mother Nature over millions of years. You can show your kids the famous Halemaumau Crater, the active lava vent Pu’u O’o, and more. This park is best explored by vehicle, although there are also hiking trails available for more daring adventurers. Visitors from all over the world love to see the active volcanoes that put Hawaii on the map, literally, and Volcano National Park is a must-see natural wonder for explorers of all ages.

Nearly 37% of families say that vacation makes them happy, making vacations the activity that makes families the happiest. Try out some of these amazing attractions on your next family vacation to Hawaii!

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